Your local guides in Panama

Our 3 fundamentals: 
´Native experiences, professionalism and quality services´.

´Mi Viaje a Panamá´is a local agency integrated by different professionals such as:

 -Birdwatcher experts

- Coffee tour guides

- Mountain certified guides with rescue skills

- Boat captains with the best knowledge of the tides and climate conditions.

- Diving instructors and Dive masters

The Best Team ever

We are a group of professionals who live providing the best experiences to all the travellers that come to this little and amazing place. 

Tamara Bueno, is the person who began this beautiful project, showing the visitors the real ​​local and quality tourism. 

She was born in Spain however, as soon as she arrived in Panama, she felt in love with this country. Despite having no knowledge of it, its traditions or daily life, she started working in tourism throughout the national territory, knowing its ins and outs, virgin beaches, hidden waterfalls and dreamy highlights (some only known by Panamanians). 

The achievement of forge a strong team of professionals, qualified and experts on every field has turned into `Mi Viaje a Panamá´. Due to this reason you will be able to explore Panamá from the eyes of the people who live in it. 

It will definitely be the experience of your life...



To our clients and partners... Thanks for your trust and recommendations.

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